What does a "marketing" person do?

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Marketers do all kinds of interesting things, but their job descriptions vary substantially by level and by firm. Job titles alone are insufficient for gauging the skill level of a marketer. Following is a general guideline of appropriate duties and responsibilities by level:

Chief Marketing Officer

  • A key member of the firm’s management group, may be a partner/owner
  • Leads creation of firm’s vision & strategic plan
  • Ensures all marketing initiatives are in line with vision/plans
  • Secures all resources necessary to achieve vision/plans
  • Accounts for and present results
  • Strong community presence
  • May consult with firm’s clients (yes, chargeable)
  • Facilitates retreats and meetings
  • Orchestrates internal and external communication
  • Oversees all functions below Marketing Director
  • Assists with strategic planning
  • Creates industry specific or service specific marketing plans
  • Provides/outsources team member training
  • Performs/outsources market research, summarizes findings
  • Handles/outsources advertising and PR: plans, launches, evaluates campaigns
  • Develops proposal strategy, pricing issues, etc.
  • Edits collateral materials, supervise/outsource design
  • Client satisfaction program: audits or interviews clients, evaluates quality of all “points of contact”
  • Develops/outsources surveys, interprets findings
  • May consult with firm’s clients (billable services)
  • Oversees all functions below Marketing Manager
  • Writes/edits copy (might ghost write articles for technical persons)
  • Guides industry or service teams
  • Prepares/monitors marketing budgets, foresees problems
  • Drafts and edits proposals
  • Drafts and edits press releases
  • Places articles and advertisements
  • Implements client surveys and resulting action plans
  • Oversees all functions below Marketing Coordinator
  • Researches and drafts copy
  • Supports industry or service teams
  • Desktop publishing may be part of this job
  • Proposal preparation and tracking
  • Database creation, reporting
  • Event planning: facilities, materials coordination
  • Internal newsletters
  • Web maintenance Marketing Assistant
  • Distributes press-releases
  • Some desk-top publishing
  • Finishing touches to proposals (production and bindery)
  • Executes mailings
  • Database maintenance
  • Tabulates survey results
  • Event planning/coordination: RSVPs, name badges, other details Marketing is complex and different initiatives require dramatically different skill sets. No single person is an expert in every aspect of marketing. This should be expected and understood by partners, and areas of skill should be clearly understood when hiring the marketer. Don't expect any one person to be a master of all of the above. One person can certainly do (or oversee) many of these things but, if you have a fairly high-level person, be certain that he or she also has authority to obtain additional resources (temporary or permanent) when needed. It is highly likely that every marketer will need to outsource some projects, at one time or another, to round out his or her talents; especially if your marketer is a lone soldier in your firm. Outsourcing is an efficient way to maximize your solo marketer. If you have a diverse marketer who can do most everything listed above, count yourself very lucky and appreciate your marketer even more!


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