What Do You Do to Get Some Attention?

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In today's crowded market place, it is tougher than ever for small to mid-size accounting firms to gain a competitive edge.  It feels as if everyone else is blogging, Tweeting and much more, while also embracing traditional tools like newsletters, updated web content, published articles and advertising. There are so many choices - and such limited resources. Worst of all, none of these strategies seems to really stand out as a way to effectively capture the attention of your audience.

So, what can you do about that? One way to break through the clutter is to share relevant and essential information.  I know this doesn't sound like an "aha!" moment, but the reality is that all too few firms have the time or interest in considering how to address the key issues facing clients in their business community. Knowing what your clients are worried about can give you a head start - and offering information they need, while providing access to suggestions and ideas that may result in solutions - can put you out in front.  Business owners who are too preoccupied to accept sales calls often make time for a discussion that focuses on them and their challenges. Survey results, evolving trends, and even new technology can all get their attention. Case studies that are practical typically resonate with this audience. 

If they believe you can help them, they may make time to talk.  They seek answers - and if you have data that addresses their questions - you will begin to build a meaningful, and perhaps long lasting, relationship.

Being clent-centric is not a novel approach, but it is one that is too often overlooked. Think about your clients and their current and future obstacles. See what insights you can offer that will enable them to make educated decisions going forward.


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