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In thinking about a topic for today's blog I was reminded of a statement made by a business owner who participated a few years ago at an Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Conference. When asked why he changed accountants, he answered simply, "I wasn't treated well."  Those who expected him to say, "They raised my fees" were surprised to hear that his discontent was founded on emotion. He wanted to be as well treated as a client as he had been when he was a prospect.  That doesn't seem like too much to ask, but sometimes we get caught up in the pursuit and forget  to continue to add value and show appreciation - after the engagement letter is signed.  I found this business owner's comments interesting because he was not afraid to articluate his concerns, and to demonstrate that if his 'trusted advisor' did not want to take the time to give him the attention and advice he deserved, he would not hesitate to make a change.    

So the next time you are looking for a bright marketing idea to blow your competitors out of the water, just find a way to consistently treat your existing clients with the same attentiveness you offered when they were prospects. Got any ideas? Feel free to share them!

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