What are You Selling?

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People are willing to pay when you have something relevant to sell.

I heard this claim on a recent news cast that reported a recent surge in the use of travel agents. The journalist commented that, despite the additional costs, travelers arranging business and personal trips are once again willing to pay for the knowledge that the travel agents brings to the process.  They place a high value on the help the agents offer for navigating the ticketing process and reducing time spent on making reservations.

That statement made me stop and think about the implications for those of us in the accounting profession.

Just consider this when you are marketing your firm - what special expertise, content and knowledge can you offer to your centers of influence, current clients and future clients that they will find essential? How can you share your special skills so they are willing to pay the price to have access to you? Becoming a well regarded expert, a niche leader, goes a long way toward building this kind of trust and respect. Once you have this reputation, clients will seek you out - and most likely fees will not be the determining factor in selecting your services because of the high value placed on what you know. 

One of the best areas for distinguishing yourself and your firm from your competitors is to provide critical information and relevant services for clients!


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