What Are You Doing to Jump Start Marketing Season?

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By Allan Boress, CPA - Hopefully, by the time you read this, life and work have returned to "normal." Before too much time passes, you and the firm must get into the transition from "busy season" to "marketing season."

What are you and your firm doing to make that happen???

"Marketing season" is that time of year between April sixteenth and the next "busy season."

Your focus, in order to provide improved quality service to your clients and to fuel the growth of your firm to keep the best people, is to market as effectively as possible and pick up more than your share of new business.

After twenty-plus years of consulting to hundreds of CPA firms in the area of business development, please believe me when I say that less than 20% of all CPA firms, large and small, manage a productive marketing effort (up from 10% or less 15 years ago).

Therefore, you've got less competition than you think you do.

Yes, there are a handful of individuals spread out at various firms in your town who proactively market themselves, but very few practices have this process under control, no matter what bluster you may hear at various conferences you attend.

Most firms spin their wheels after the busy season rush is over, get a late start, or none at all.

So – what is your firm going to do to get everyone back into marketing mode? Email me at [email protected] and with your permission we will share them with others, anonymously if you like!

By Allan S. Boress, CPA, co-author of Mastering the Art of Marketing Professional Services, published by the AICPA and available on their website.

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