Welcome to Tax Season. Can I Deduct That?

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I've been writing three new courses for K2 for next year (new course offerings are listed on our website), so I haven't posted much lately. A few articles which you may be interested in:

+ Randy Johnston's article on Office 2010 is in the Journal of Accountancy @ http://www.journalofaccountancy.com/Issues/2010/Feb/20092325.htm#. I can't recommend this article more strongly - Randy's done a great job to catch the new stuff in Office 2010 here.
+ Intuit had a release in their ProAdvisor Newsletter on Restricting Pop-ups in QuickBooks 2010
It’s been a month or so since R5 was made available — this was the update in response to your complaints about being inundated with pop-ups in QuickBooks 2010.
Decision makers at Intuit heard you loud and clear – you told us that our marketing communications in QuickBooks 2010 had become a distraction to getting your work done.
In response, the R5 patch to QuickBooks 2010 should deliver the following improvements, all made based on your feedback:
  1. The “Recommended for You” widget in the Snapshot can now be turned off with one click. Just click on the “X” on the upper right side of the box.
  2. The “Accept payments” sidebar on the Receive Payments and Sales Receipts screens can now be closed with one click.  Just click on the “close toolbar” on the upper left side of the box.  Alternatively, you can show or hide this sidebar through your preference settings.
  3. You can now use the “turn off pop-ups” preference in QuickBooks to turn off newly added pop-ups in QuickBooks.  Please see our instructions on how to do this.
  4. You can now turn off the “Payment Interview” permanently.  Just click on the “X” on the upper right corner.
The R5 patch was pushed to any version of QuickBooks 2010 which had updates turned on. If you prefer to get the update manually,  you can access that here.
=> This is a common complaint about most entry level accounting software, so it's good to see a way to get rid of these popups.
+ Tax Season officially started yesterday, so whether you're working 100 hours a week or just doing the "friends & family" plan, I hope you have a painless and productive tax season.


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