Waving a Magic Wand - What Would I Wish For?

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As one of the Bloggers Crew bloggers, I have been recently asked if I could wave a magic wand over the accounting industry, what would I wish for?

As a marketing professional who has spent my entire career working in the accounting profession, I guess I would have to hope that more firms would consistently embrace the concepts that marketers’ promote.

I would love to see more firms, of all sizes, develop a culture that supports implementing consistent processes, delivers world class service as standard for all clients and has a passion at every level for promoting the firm’s brand and validating its excellent reputation. I would love to see the marketers acknowledged for their skills and their expertise – and appreciated as leaders in their firms. While many marketers do enjoy this status as influencers and contributors to their firms success, all too many still have not gained the full support and buy-in across their firms.

Consistency is hard to sustain and raising the bar on service expectations is challenging, but we all know that those firms that are committed to this path are the leaders of our profession! If you have any good ideas on how to build a culture that is passionate about client service and marketing communications – and the link between the two – please share your insights with us all.

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