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Value proposition example for a professional service provider

May 2nd 2011
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Here's an example of how a professional service provider can apply the do-it-yourself guide for creating value propositions in 3 steps.    It uses the same formula as the green value proposition example I posted last week (immediately below).   This time, I've used it to describe the value I offer my clients as a B2B strategic marketing consultant (below the value proposition formula).

The value proposition formula

We help [your most promising prospects] that [need help with the pressing concern you address] succeed by [providing the material improvement you will deliver].  Unlike [the alternative solution], [your solution] [describe the reason why your company is a better choice] as demonstrated by [evidence that you will deliver as promised].

A B2B strategic marketing consultant's value proposition

BB Marketing Plus works with [B2B companies that have long sales cycles] to [increase sales productivity].  Unlike [companies that make cold calls for you or develop lead generation campaigns], we use [our Revenue Accelerator Methodology] to[ help you get the right message to the right person at the right time about the right solution--and motivate them to act] as is evident from our [our clients' testimonials].  [Start today with a free consultation to discuss your situation and the marketing strategies and marketing programs] [it will take to speed the sale].

In the last post, I promised to elaborate on one aspect of the value proposition with each new example.  In that post I focused on how to ensure that your value proposition captures attention.  In this post, I discuss the importance of adding a call to action.

Motivate prospects to act to receive the value you offer

The purpose of your value proposition it to elevate your organization, and its solution, above the competition.  Nevertheless, your ultimate goal is to get your best prospects to self-qualify by "raising their hands".

Use a call to action to get qualified prospects to "raise their hands"

Without a call to action, your value proposition is just information.  Your call to action accomplishes two objectives.

One is that it tells prospects exactly what you'd like them to do-and how they'll benefit.  Providing people with a specific request increases the likelihood that they will act.

In this example, the requested action is that prospects "start with a free consultation to discuss their specific situation".  The promised benefit is that they'll get ideas about marketing strategies and programs that will help them speed the sale, thereby improving sales productivity.

Use your call to action to test your value proposition

The other objective that a call to action accomplishes is that, if you set up a way to capture their responses, you can use your call to action to help you test the efficacy of your value proposition.  If prospects don't take the desired action, your value proposition may not be effective.

On the other hand, the problem may be with your delivery or with your call to action, rather than with your value proposition.  In a future post, we'll discuss how you can use digital marketing campaigns to quickly get to the heart of the matter.

What's your company's value proposition?

Every successful business delivers value.  Please feel free to use the comment area of this post to test your value proposition and call to action.  I'll post any comments that use the formula to describe the value that one business offers to another in a professional manner.

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Written by: Barbara Bix


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By Brian
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

Offer value with a niche-focus on an industry or target market for taxes or bookkeeping services; each industry or individual market segment has different needs. Value-added is no worry on April 15, 2015, no employee added to your payroll, and lower expense than a CPA or accountant in an office can offer. $50 per month for general maintenance. Cost on top of $50 is a lump sum calculated by number of transactions, employees, and reports desired.

You have an actual person to talk to for a change in services instead of a website or a 1-800-number. Sometimes different services or items of value can be exchanged instead of money when dealing with a small business owner.

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