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Today's accounting firm marketers have a range of technology tools at their disposal that make it much easier, and more cost effective, to help their firm's gain traction and develop strong name recognition. from the website to e-mail newsletters to social media, the choices are numerous. The key is to be able prioritize what tools make the most sense for the firm (given it sculture and resources) and what is best for its clients.

Every tactic implemented should have a specific strategy wrapped around it. For example, if your firm is committed to maintaining a cutting edge website,  the strategy will include how to keep the content current, how to drive visitors to the site and how to engage them once they are there, and how to add value by llinking to other relevant resources.  Those firms that opt for electronic newsletters need to go through a similar exercise, deciding how to keep the newsletter meanginful, what content to include, how often to delliver the newsletter,  and what design element is most consistent with their brand.  Those using LinikedIn, Twitter, or Facebook also need to have a plan of action, identifying their goals, their audience, and the kinds of messages or information that will be disseminated or gathered through the use of various social media.

These wonderful tools are readily available for all - so what will distinguish your firm is the depth and accuracy of your plan for utilizing technology to enhance marketing communications.


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