Tweets Fly By At FEI CFRI On FASB, IASB, Economy, More

Nov 15th 2010
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If you can't be at FEI's Current Financial Reporting Issues Conference in person today and tomorrow, where you can hear from leading board and staff members of FASB, IASB, SEC, and leading financial exec's and auditors - you can tune in virtually by following the tweets being posted under hashtag #CFRI2010. I hear there may even be an informal tweetup tonight (for those of you not attending the sold-out FEI Hall of Fame Gala) - watch for any word from the folks below by following them on twitter.

Below are a few highlights posted on twitter so far from the CFRI conference; more is likely to come in some of the below folks' and other journalists' publications tomorrow and later this week. Tomorrow's session will include a keynote by former SEC Commissioner Harvey Goldschmid, now a member of the IFRS Foundation Trustees; a Controllers Roundtable, an SEC update featuring SEC Chief Accountant Jim Kroeker and SEC Division of Corp Fin Chief Accountant Wayne Carlin, and a Q&A session with senior staff of FASB and the SEC. There are also concurrent breakout sessions at CFRI on specialized topics.

retheauditors: I always get nervous when I see guys in white shirts with pens in their pockets. #TheyAllDressTheSame #CFRI2010 about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck ...Listening to four from the Big 4 talk about financial reporting. Sam Ranzilla's @KPMG specs are super zexxy. #CFRI2010 about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck .... retheauditors: PCAOB asked all the audit firms how this Dear CFO letter will affect their audits and Ranzilla KPMG says it will. Looking at it. #CFRI2010 about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck .... My question: When SEC sent Dear CFO letter to fin inst re repurchase risk disclosures, did auditors get the letter too? #CFRI201

feiblog: Next up #CFRI2010 Hot Topics, Larry Salva Comcast; w/ Mike Gallagher PwC; Sam Ranzilla KPMG; Kevin Reilly E&Y; Jim Schnurr Deloitte.

retheauditors: The British always choose the right words: "The opprobrium is for the Fed not China for a change." ZM-B @economist #CFRI2010 about 6 hours ago via ÜberTwitter ...Zanny Minton-Beddoes at #CFRI2010 gives a shout out to Reinhart and Rogoff and their book as a great source for understanding crisis

colleencunningh: Seidman #CFRI2010 FASB rec'd 2800 comment letters on Financial Instruments ED- most "not fan mail! " about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPad .... colleencunningh: P&G cost est. For FASB Fin'l presentation project: Implementation: $300-500M - ongoing annual cost: $30-45M! #CFRI2010

complianceweek: IASB plans exposure draft of new standards for hedging in December. #CFRI2010 about 5 hours ago via Echofon

colleencunningh: Seidman #CFRI2010 FASB priorities: Financial Instruments, Revenue Rec, Leases,Insurance about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

complianceweek: So where are all the cool tweeters meeting at #CFRI2010 tomorrow? @retheauditors @colleencunnighh
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