Twas the Week Before Thanksgiving

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Today, my friends, a bit of comic relief.

Please, do feel free to improve on this - and add your own stanzas.

The best addition will receive a copy of my new book

Small Business Taxes Made Easy, 2nd Edition - which will be out next month.


Twas the Week Before Thanksgiving

Offered by your TaxMama, Eva Rosenberg, EA

Twas the week before Thankgiving and all though the suite,

Everyone was scurrying, to make files complete.

The partners were planning seasonal parties with care,

Ensuring their staff would enjoy being there.

Venues were tested and tried well ahead,

Staff and their guests would be happy and well fed.

With champagne and vodka and even beer there on tap,

They invited St. Nick with his, jaunty red cap.

When through the front door crawled a man all in tatters,

Bernie Madoff, chased by clients who’d been battered.

The partners and guest were right there in a flash.

To join in the spree, to reduce him to mash.

Though no money changed hands, not a soul was made whole,

It felt so good to vent, knowing they had a role,

In bringing satisfaction those so deeply in fear,

Of what their finances would still be able to cover next year.

Back to the party, to celebrate real quick,

To dance and to prance while the clock it does tick.

Relief, at not tracking time, actions and names.

Not a time sheet will come from this nights happy games.


Now...time for your additional stanzas

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