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Treating Clients Well

Dec 3rd 2008
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By Sally Glick -As the year winds down and you begin to think about how you might enhance client relationships in 2009, the one thing that comes to my mind is good ole fashion TLC! When I worked with my father in his solo practice in Chicago many years ago, he often commented that he felt more like a psychologist than a CPA! The clients loved him for that – because they often needed a sounding board, a person with good business judgment, someone who understood their family chemistry and who sincerely wanted to help them reach their goals.

So what have you done lately to make your clients love you? At a conference hosted by the Association for Accounting Marketers a few years ago, a panel of clients was asked one critical question: Why did you change your accounting firm?” As you might suspect, the answer was universal: “I did not feel like I was being well treated.”

Clients are no different than the rest of us. They want their professional advisors to be proactive, share ideas and news, be respectful, and above all, care about them and their business. It’s not that hard – but it seems to be the one thing that so many firms cannot sustain consistently. As 2009 approaches, this might be one resolution at the top of the list!


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