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I just returned from the HCLS - Human Capital Learning Symposium - in Kansas City, MO with a plethora of ideas and take-aways to review and implement at our firm. The one constant message that resonated throughout the conference was….in these challenging economic times, where companies are looking for ways to trim the fat, training and development should not be on the chopping block.

Training and development should be on the forefront of strategic planning initiatives. Make the commitment and increase the training investment in your people. Your staff will be more confident, thereby strengthening the connection with clients.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to keep the training going. We all know it’s a little unsettling right now, but there are some great options. Lunch and learns, in house seminars, webinars – these are just some examples of training that can be done in an affordable manner.

What’s the worst that can happen after all of this training and career development? Your firm emerges ahead of the game with the best of the best ready to go. Firms that are cutting back now will be behind the eight ball when the economy is back on the upswing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……lifelong learning really is the foundation to long term success.

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