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I was recently working with a nonprofit business/networking organization in NJ, helping them to increase  the attendance at events and generate new members. During the course of our discussion we began to focus on the various touchpoints that the organziation has with prospects and existing members. We realized pretty quickly that there were many interactions between the group and its target audience, and each interaction created an opportunity to WOW the members. The obvious touchpoints incuded the web site content, the online registration process, the variety of programs offered - all with quality speakers on relevant topics, the welcome members received during on-site registration, and the follow up after the event was over.  These were just a few of the touchpoints - many more opportunities existed that had never been considered.

The dialogue made me think about my own firm - and yours - and I wondered how often we consider the impact we have during every interaction with our clients, prospects and colleagues. Beyond the website, e-blasts, newsletters, Tweets, and e-mails - contact is made through letters, invoices,  in person and by phone. Just think about one touchpoint: For example, what is the clients' experience like when they call in? Is the phone answered in a friendly manner or abruptly? Are clients typically placed on hold (and if so, how long is the wait time)?  Does your voice message provide helpful information when you are not immediately available?

Just consider a few of the touch points you have within the business community and spend a little time brainstorming about how to improve the experience and create a great impression.  David Maister talks about WOWing the clients - are your WOWing yours?

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