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Jan 8th 2010
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As we enter 2010, we thought we'd respond to a suggestion made by one of our readers to provide a Top 10 list of our most popular - and favorite - blog posts in the FEI blog in 2009.

Top 10 FEI blog posts in 2009, by number of pageviews (from #1 to #10):

  1. FASB Issues FAS 166, 167 Amending FAS 140, FIN 46R on Securitizations, SPEs
  2. FASB Releases FAS 165, Subsequent Events
  3. Testimony Posted for Mark-to-Market Hearing; Sen. Dodd Considers 'Breakers,' Niederauer Sees MTM as 'Gas on a Fire'
  4. IASB Releases IFRS 9 - Financial Instruments (Completes 1st Phase of Project: Classification & Measurement)
  5. FAS 166, 167 Putting the Kibosh on Q's Expected This Week; SEC Forms Investor Advisory Committee
  6. SEC's 'Dear CFO' Letter on MD&A Disclosure of Loan Loss Provisions, ALLL
  7. Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (FERA) Picks Up Speed; Madoff Update
  8. FASB Releases 'Plain English' Statement on Fair Value Actions
  9. FASB Issues FSP EITF 99-20-1 on Impairment of Financial Instruments (OTTI)
  10. FASB Stakes Claim on Disclosure of Litigation Contingencies

Top 10 FEI blog posts in 2009 - my personal favorites
Note: I found it difficult to narrow down my 'favorites' to just 10 posts, so I narrowed it down to 10 categories, some with multiple posts. The categories are: 

  1.  Credit Crisis, Financial Regulatory Reform; Related SEC Actions
  2.  Fair value/mark-to-market accounting; loan loss accounting
  3. International Financial Reporting Standards and Convergence
  4. Leadership
  5. Legal
  6. Madoff
  7. Private Companies
  8. Sarbanes-Oxley, PCAOB and COSO
  9. Social Media
  10. Standard-Setting

To see our favorite picks from among our FEI blog posts in 2009 in the above categories, continue here.


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