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Time to Get With the Program

Feb 28th 2011
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The Ubuntu operating system and Open Office suite experiment is officially over.  I have one set up in my home.  It is used mostly for internet and word processing.  The operating system is great.  I give it two thumbs up.  The Open Office suite seems  good.  I am not enough of a word processing user to determine the pros and cons of Open Office vs. Microsoft Word, but my wife who is an academic seems to like it.  The spread sheet software is as good as Excel 03.  I would highly recommend it to someone that  uses a spreadsheet sparingly.  Remember, it is free.  The biggest drawback is Open Office still uses the toolbars to initiate commands instead of the ribbon interface.   I felt like I was using old technology when I used it, and the ribbon is the reason.   Excel 07 with the ribbon has been available for over four years, and Excel 10 has been available for nearly a year.  All future improvements will be made to these platforms.   Excel 03 is dead.  Or is it?
Last year I gave a refund to a CPE participant who complained that he didn't learn anything because he was still on Excel 03, and I was presenting in Excel 07.  Although I suspect  he was a little lost on the concepts and it may not have mattered what version he used, but I'm not I?

This year my independent auditors came with mixed  accoutrements.  One of them was armed with Excel 07.  He was the lab rat to report back to the rest of the pack at the end of busy season.  Meanwhile, I still had to amend several  Excel spreadsheets to adapt to their antiquated systems, but I'm not I?

So what was it that I had to change?  The culprit was the IFERROR formula.  It is not supported in Excel 03 and will return an error.  I use the IFERROR a lot.  Here is one example: