Time Has Not Been On My Side

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So many things to do, and so little time to do it in.  I admit it....I fell off the time management wagon.....HARD!  I don't know when it happened, or why it happened.  All I know is that is hasn't been pretty.  I am known to my children as the time warden (although I'm quite sure they call me a time psycho behind my back, but that's for a different discussion).  I've dusted myself off, bandaged up my "wounds", and am back in business.  Lessons learned,  here are some examples of what NOT to do...................... 

Don't talk yourself into the ole "I'll get it done later" because guess what......later comes with a whole host of other things.....that need to be done..... later.   Try and prioritize things in order of your importance, and knock them out one by one.  Things always manage to get in the way, so try and get back to your list as soon as possible.

Don't let e-mail control you.  It can't talk back to you.....so take control!  If you read it and it's not relevant, get rid of it.  Delete and trash can be your friends if you let them.  Check e-mail at certain times of the day.  Unless the e-mail comes over with the red emergency flag, chances are it can wait.  Set up folders so you can easily get to e-mails you may need later on so they are not cluttering your inbox, and driving you crazy.

Don't have a revolving door if you can.  I have been told that it's ok to close the door to get certain things done for the day.  Get your online self in check - no quick peeks at LinkedIn, Yahoo etc.  We all know what happens to those quick peeks.

Don't take on more than you can chew and spit out effectively.  It's ok to say no once in a while.  As a people pleasing society, we find it difficult to say no.  No one wants to be looked upon as not being a team player.   It may be better to say no and be more effective in other things you may be working on, that to say yes to everything and fall on your face.

Everyone has different things going on that make them fall off the time mangement wagon on occassion.  By recognizing it, listening to some constructive criticism and being open to try something different, will you be able to hop back on and ride into the sunset. 


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