Think Your Clients Use Your Firm's Website?

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If you think your website exists primarily for clients, think again.

A lot of firms think about investing in pricey features that would be in a client-only portion of the website. Did you know that only about 1% of clients return to a firm’s site after hiring them? And when they do, it’s usually to find an address or phone number.

Firms think about adding a payment feature or a document storage tool where clients can get their electronic documents without bothering the firm to send copies. Yikes, how firm-centric are these ideas??

Firms also talk about putting valuable content and tools behind this client-only wall.

This is exactly opposite of what your content strategy should be. Put your content and tools "out front" where people can see how brilliant and generous you are. And recognize other audiences are using your site a lot more than clients ever will.

Clients expect you to personally impart any and all important information to them. Everyone else wants to be able to find it without, or before, having to interact with you.

Most CPA firm website visitors are job seekers; second are prospective clients or referral sources—particularly looking at biographies. Least visited are firms’ services pages.

Build your site features and content according to these realities and you'll get a lot more ROI from your site.


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