The Worst Question to be Asked . . .

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The trainer measured my six month performance and stood back to look me up and down. "Is your clothing feeling tighter?" That had to be the worst question I could be asked at that point. The truth is that, while I had maintained my weight and was a little stronger, my waist was actually bigger. *sigh*

OK, time to get serious. After all, it was New Year's and time for new resolutions, or, in this case, time to strengthen an old one. I asked the trainer for a new exercise routine. He was delighted to give me one. It turns out that there are people who stay up late devising these tortures. However, I digress.

Do you do the same exercises every week? It turns out that your body is a master of laziness. Once you get accustomed to an exercise, it loses effectiveness. With so many different exercises to choose from (many of which not needing expensive equipment), there's no need to stay with the same old same old. I sometimes wonder whether the guys reading the paper as they pedal their stationary bikes are actually doing themselves any good.

Bottom Line: while measuring my performance just after Christmas wasn't the greatest boost for my ego, one thing that I noticed from working out at the gym was that the extra five pounds I gained came off very quickly and I have lost an additional three. Not quite enough for a before and after picture, but enough to prove to me anyway, that weight bearing exercise should be a part of any accountant's life. Our bodies are not designed to sit behind a desk all day.

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