The Wizard Is Not The Answer

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Coming off of our annual partner retreat, the theme to this year's meeting was accountability.  The book The Oz Principle really drove that point home.  In the book, it states that people that operate Above The Line are the ones that always make things happen within the organization.  That's great!  And when we have people that are held accountable, imagine the possibilities!

What if someone falls Below The Line, making excuses, blaming others?  Thinking that if something is ignored it will go away, and of course, it's always easier to blame someone else rather than take ownership.  There is no wizard at the end of the yellow brick road.  Look in the mirror.  People need to be personally responsible and accountable for the results they are trying to achieve.

And this is just the beginning of the book.  Great read and it certainly makes you think about things in your own firm, and what's being done. 


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