The UK Voice gets ‘locked inside’ the US Embassy

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While at a recent cultural awareness event at the US Embassy in London (an excellent Italian wine and food tasting demonstration, which I might add included some fabulous signature Italian wines and cheeses), I was concerned to learn that upon trying to leave, we had been locked in!

Already running late at about 8pm, our host called through to the security team and asked if we were allowed some extra time in the building and was assured that was ok. It should be said that security to get in and out for visitors to the Embassy, is as tight for employees working in the building.

Being the last six in the group (helped to clear up) – we needed to call the security office and ask them to let us out.  They would not! The building was then in lock down mode. They said that a marine would have to open up the exit door for us, and would be summoned from their quarters shortly to let us out. Which they did.

Morale of the story – don’t over stay your welcome, or you might be locked in!

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