The Truth - but not as we know it

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As I type this I am sitting with a dilemma. It is 10-30am on a Sunday morning and I have two bookings for Sunday lunch. One with my extended family, and the other with a client of 20 years. How I said yes to both I will pass over, but here we are. I know I am going to the client, but what do I tell my sister?

Looking through the worlds press this week I see I am not the only person with the problem "what is the truth", and how do I tell it. The Pakistani President Zardari has been here in the UK while 20m of people suffered in the floods. What could be more important than being seen to help your people? Remembering that Pakistan is in the front line against the Taliban, and it is widely believed that they are losing this battle. Throw in to the mix they are a nuclear state and does that become more important? If so why can’t the people be told? All speculation but……
And is there any connection between this and Obama supporting a mosque at ground zero? Probably not?
The problem with truth is that it is only truth if it is believed.
We face the same problems in our business every day. Who is telling the truth, and as managers how do we make decisions based on the information we are presented with? There are wonderful examples here of the grass being painted green when Royalty arrives for a visit, so they believe it is a nicer place than it really is. One way is to bypass the whole process and see for yourself, but unannounced.
There is a TV program here called “Undercover Boss” where CEO’s of large companies go back to the shop floor in the own businesses to see what is really going on. They work in the business, by working in branches, serving customers, and finding out what it really means to do business with their company.
The results are amazing as they find out how good and bad things really are. Why don’t you try it?
 So back to my problem of truth, I am going to call her and tell her the truth, and hopes she forgives me.

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