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The 2009 Tax Season is over, and my personal totals are in:

  • 57 Individual income tax returns
  • 4 Corporations (2 C and 2 S)
  • 8 Partnerships (all LLCs)
  • 2 Trust/Estates
  • 1 Non profit

72 returns isn't a lot for many professionals, but it is about 69 more than I really want to do.  The only ones I really want to do are mine and each of my kids.

1040 #57 didn't arrive until this morning.  The day started with the client getting me their 2008 1040.  I had one of our staff pro forma it.  Then the rest came in dribs and drabs over the day.  Finally said enough at 3:00 pm and we did the efile.  Told the client we'll amend when he has the rest of his information.

Why do I do this to myself?  I'm an auditor after all. 

I keep saying that I'd like to give all of this to someone else, but we are a boutique firm - SEC audits and franchisor audits are probably 90% of our practice.  I don't have any one in my firm who can handle this.  Personally, I hope our audit practice continues to grow to the point where I can limit myself to those three returns.  We'll see.

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