The Rest of the Year Begins Today!

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First, on behalf of bleary-eyed accountants everywhere, I'd like to say a big thank you to all of the tax software companies that provide the tools that enable us to prepare mountains of tax returns quickly and accurately, and, more importantly, churn our corrections through the entire tax return. As someone who remembers when we would go through many bottles of Wite-Out each spring and wear holes in the tax forms with our pink pearls, this is magic indeed.

Second, a shout-out and a virtual round of energetic applause is due to our senior editor, Terri Eyden, who made busy season a bit more bearable for everyone by providing our daily busy season Office Fitness Tips of the Day. This is the third year for our fitness series. We hope you enjoyed the exercises and that they helped you tolerate the long hours. Enjoy the fresh air – it's spring!


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