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Eva Rosenberg, MBA, EA - Los Angeles, CA -

Last night was the first 'town hall' debate of this presidential contest, in Nashville. Were you as disappointed and angry as I was?

  • Neither candidate answered any question head-on.
  • They wasted an excessive amount of time talking about the past and laying blame - instead of looking to future to make improvements.
  • Neither man was specific about what improvements or corrections to bring to the table, whether in the financial arena, the international arena, or even in the educational and retirement arenas.
  • When it came to health care, both their ideas will make a shambles of whatever system we currently have - without replacing it with a better system.
    • Obama will penalize businesses who don't provide healthcare - thus encouraging employers to avoid putting workers on payroll.
    • McCain wants to provide a $5,000 refundable credit so Americans can buy their own healthcare - thus encouraging employers to cancel perfectly good healthcare plans they have in place and putting the financial burden on the families instead. $5,000 won't cover costs for a family for a year! It costs over $12,000 per family of 4 ($300 x 4 people x 12 months).

  • Obama talked about encouraging Americans to join the Peace Corps to make improvements and solve problems within the U.S. Doesn't he know the Peace Corps only operates OUTSIDE the U.S.? Inside the U.S. we have AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps Volunteers of America.

These men do not strike me as visionaries or people who can lead a country - especially not in troubled times like these.

The Bailout proceedings of the last couple of weeks were the perfect opportunity for a man of stregth and wisdom to emerge. None did.

All we heard was posturing, whining and finger-pointing.
Neither candidate spoke up to provide any good ideas - or even to bring unity to the Legislature.

It's time to stop looking backward and assigning blame.
Its' time to look forward towards positive and viable solutions.

What are your ideas. And who would you love to see as president? One of these fellows - or do you have a better idea?

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