The Power of a Phone Call

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Just last week I went to dinner at a new restaurant in town. The following day the maitre d’ called to ask if the evening was enjoyable. That simple phone call was a powerful way for him to make a significant impact. It was not unlike receiving a call from my doctor or dentist after a particularly tricky procedure, inquiring how I was recovering. Any time a service provider takes the time to reach out in an unexpected fashion to a client, it makes a significant impression. This principle is easily applied to the world of accounting firms – if you just consider all the opportunities you have to connect with a client in a proactive manner. A quick phone call gives you the chance to check on a client, whether you are asking about something specific or just making sure that everything is going smoothly. With so many ways to communicate – especially through e-mail – it is easy to overlook the significance of a phone call. Think about the unanticipated calls you have received through the years, and your reaction to this type of consideration. Then consider ways that you may apply this client service to your own firm.


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