The Only Way to Coast is Downhill

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“The only way to coast is downhill.” Is there any area of your life or business in which you are coasting? Maybe you need to revisit those areas and reenergize them. Progress does not happen on its own. It takes effort.

Whoa! I almost started to get philosophical. That’s too “deep” for a tech blog. Alright, snap out of it Ryan. I’m not Zig Ziglar. I’m a tech guy. Back to reality. Let’s proceed…

What brought that quote to mind was the thought that many businesses are just coasting when it comes to their technology. They spend the bare minimum to "keep the lights on." For instance, some businesses do not keep up with the updates for their line of business software. This is usually because they do not want to pay the annual maintenance fees. Eventually, however, every business is forced to upgrade their software. I have seen it time and time again where not keeping up with software updates ends up costing a business more money in the long run. This is because the inevitable upgrade that eventually has to happen becomes much more involved and “painful” than it would have been if the software had been kept current. All the money the business thought it was saving it ends up paying eventually, often with much more disruption to the business.

I could list several examples like this where coasting on old technology actually does a company a disservice. Is your business coasting on old technology? Perhaps a “technology remodel” could actually add value to your business.

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