The Nexus Wars: Fighting in an Ever Changing Landscape!

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I will be speaking in November at the Minnesota CPA Society's Annual Tax Conference in Minneapolis, MN about state tax nexus. I have entitled the session, "The Nexus Wars: Fighting in an Ever Changing Landscape."

The presentation will be an interactive session seeking to provide attendees with an update on states nexus rules (statutes, case law, rulings, etc.) that are constantly changing and far-reaching. We will discuss why nexus is important, what creates nexus for different types of state taxes, and how a company can mitigate their state tax nexus exposure. The topics will be discussed in the context of real world examples, providing attendees with practical knowledge that can be applied to their company or clients.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  1. Income tax nexus vs. Sales tax nexus
  2. Gross receipts tax nexus vs. Income tax nexus
  3. Business Activity Taxes nexus
  4. De minimis nexus vs. Substantial nexus
  5. Economic nexus / Factor Presence nexus
  6. Agency nexus (independent contractors and third parties)
  7. Affiliate nexus
  8. "Amazon” nexus (e-commerce)
  9. P.L. 86-272 nexus protection and its limits
  10. Transactional nexus and Dissociation
  11. Exemptions to nexus
  12. Nexus for Foreign (non-us) companies
  13. The benefits of a nexus review
  14. To File or Not to File?
  15. How to mitigate nexus exposure once it is identified
  16. How NOT to answer a nexus questionnaire

I Want to Hear From YOU!!!

In preparation for my presentation, I would love to hear from you. What is your "nexus war"? What is your main nexus concern or issue? What practical examples have you been through? Arguments, protests, nexus questionnaires "gone bad," etc.? Amnesty programs and voluntary disclosure agreement success stories?

Please comment on this blog or e-mail me at [email protected] with your "nexus war" or "battle scar."

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