The Critical Role of a Marketing Committee

Oct 2nd 2011
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Many small to mid - size firms are simply not ready for the commitment of resources - time and money - to employ a full time marketing professional for their marketing and branding communication initiatives.  That doesn't mean they are not invovled in any marketing activities - it just means they are not using a consistent, structured approach. Without some formal guidance, everyone ends up "doing their own thing" which may ultimately attract attention and drive new clients to the firm, but in a more haphazard and unplanned fashion. 

Instead of taking your chances, I recommend that those firms who are still on the fence regarding implementing a formal  marketing process consider forming a marketing committee in the interim.  The committee members can work together to craft a marketing and business developoment strategy for the firm, identify key tasks that will enable the execution of their ideas, and then assign roles to the committee members so there is accountability.  Even without a marketing professional, the committee members can begin to outline the firm's goals and strengths and, looking ahead, can identify key opportunities for growth.  Working together, the burden is spread over all the committee members so that one person doesnt  have to do everything. The committee approach  gives  every committee member a chance to participate, add value, and help the firm become more successful.   

Does your firm have a marketing committee? How often do you meet - and what is the scope of your responsibilities?  Feel free to share what's worked, and what hasn't worked, with us!   


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