The CPA Quiz - Revisiting the Exam

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I was browsing like every good AW blogger should do and I came across the CPA review quiz.  I decided to take the quiz just to see how it has changed over the years, and how much I have retained since the days long ago when I crammed and sweated to pass  this most prestigious of awards.

Question# 1 - The objective of a review of interim financial information of a public entity is not to provide an accountant with information regarding:

I had some audit experience when I started my career at Touche Ross but I never audited a public company before.  Hope that doesn't affect my answer.

A. material modifications that need to be made to the financial statements so that they will conform with generally accepted accounting principles

Sure that makes a lot of sense, probably not this one.

B. the client's internal control

Seems logical too. 

C. whether or not there is agreement between the interim financial information and the general ledger of the public company

I would certainly expect the interim financial information; balance sheet, income statement, et al would reconcile to the general ledger.  Can't be this one.

D. whether or not a reasonable basis exists for the auditor to express positive opinion assurance


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