The Cloud is Always Changing

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When we let our software reside in the cloud, we are using the cloud as our platform to operate our firms.  Are you doing that?  One aspect of this move to become virtual that I didn't anticipate was change. It's a change I love because I never know if I'll wake up one morning to find that my cloud software provider has released a load of new updates and features I get to play with.  Yeah, goody.  I often dig in to see if these changes could potentially help a client that was struggling in a certain area.

But not everyone loves this aspect of the cloud.  See, the use of our cloud products is always steeped heavily in our firm's processes.  So if there is a change to the platform we are using, then it inevitabily upsets our processes.

And this often ticks off our staff.  They get comfortable in their processes and then {{Wham!}} something new shows up.  For a time it slows them down, and we have to consider how to implement these new changes.  I'm still working through what to do about this.

I could:

- Wait to implement the change after I've had time to assess whether the cloud change is a beneficial one for our firm, or

- Have the staff implement the change immediately and deal with the inconveniences to get to the ultimate greater efficiency.

Not sure.  What do you think?


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