Ten Ways to Save Money on Technology

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By Anita Campbell - Does paying your consultant to write reports for your accounting system qualify as a penny-pinching tip?

According to Gene Marks (he of the Penny Pincher lists), yes it does. In Ten Penny Pinching Ideas for 2008 he writes about his mythical friend Norman:

Norman finally woke up. He now understands that reports are difficult to write because not only does he have to understand the reporting software, but he also needs to get his arms around the complexities of his systems' database. He's smart enough to do this, but thankfully not stupid enough to waste the time. So he promises to bite the bullet this upcoming year. He's going to come up with three to five key reports he wants to see every day or week. He's going to hire the overpriced consultant to come in and write up the reports.

Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money.

Gene publishes a newsletter with additional penny pinching tips you should check out.

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