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It took me awhile to get here, but I've arrived. My Twitter page is a reality after seeing for myself what it is really all about, versus relying on the opinions of others.  In my search for technology news about the CPA industry, I'm realizing it is much easier to have the news come to you versus having to go out and get it.

I've tried this before.....RSS feeds.  For whatever reason, it did not work for me.  Having the reader in my email client was not enough.  It seems like the news was not updated all that often (granted that may be an unfair judgment based on the sources I used).  Either way, I needed something better.  While Twitter may have been around for awhile, it was not a consideration until I was prompted by a colleague who was using it.  The notion that people have nothing better to do than tell the world that they just ate a cheeseburger with extra pickles at lunch is far from the truth.  This is not a fair assessment of Twitter.  Like the old adage says, don't knock it until you try it.  I did, and within days, I'm a believer.  I use HootSuite as the aggregator for my social media networks - this Twitter account and my LinkedIn.  Using this tool, I get the news coming right to my fingertips - and it is just the stuff that I want.

It is still early in the process and I am still learning, but this will be a great resource to both receive information and in turn, send it out to others.  The majority of my time using these social media tools is simply absorbing first.  You don't need to get a Twitter account and start posting constantly, try just receiving, watching what others post - there is so much out there to get.  I look forward to giving it back - to share on Twitter and on this blog what I've learned about the best use of CPA firm technology dollars.  Stay tuned....

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