Tax Season's Over, Let's Have Fun!

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Eva Rosenberg, MBA, EA - You’ve worked hard all tax season, digging away at that mountain of tax returns and nagging resisting clients for those elusive final documents.

Now that you can breathe a sigh of relief, let’s look at fun things to do. Of course, just because you’ve earned a ton of money, or have a huge refund coming – and a Stimulus Rebate – that doesn’t mean you need to spend it all. So here are some ideas on how to have fun for free – or close to it.

  • Do you absolutely love live theatre? But prices are getting out hand. Sure…you could afford the $100 per person tickets, if you had to. But…did you know that many live theaters are staffed by volunteers – ushers, concession areas, ticket-takers, dressers, gofers, etc. Yup. Volunteering, you get the see the show for free (or most of it) – and you get to meet some of the most interesting people. Just ask your favorite theatre, large or small, if they can use help.
  • Yachting is fun. But very expensive. You’ve got to be pretty rich to buy, and maintain, a boat. So you think that cuts you out? Heck no! The boats need crew. That’s hard work. Look around your area – you’ll find that many local yacht clubs have free, or really inexpensive, crew memberships. Try this search:
  • Remember summer camps? The lakes, the evening campfires, telling ghost stories under the stars…(the hazing, but, you outgrew that). There are day and overnight camps in your area. Find out if they can use some help for a week or so. Lots of places have already made arrangements for the summer. But it’s still early. Besides, if you can’t find someone to use your skills, why not organize something with a local school and some friends with outdoor experience – and just arrange something overnight for kids who’ve never spent a night under the stars.
  • You adore animals. Can’t get enough of them. You’d love to go on safari, especially to shoot animals – with your camera. But who can afford the thousands of dollars that trip costs – plus all the special gear – for just a week or two? Have you heard of zoos, or animal preserves? Yup. Right near your home. They can use help. All year-round. You can get closer to the animals than tourists can. And there are so many different tasks taking place at the zoo – including science.

Are you starting to see the common threads?

1) Volunteer – you can have some fun experiences. Volunteering isn’t just about depressing things like illness or death. It’s also about fun!
2) Yes, leave the computer. I know it’s hard. But you can do it. Just walk away – cold turkey.

Oh yes, and leave your cell phone behind.

That's WHY you have staff.
Then give them time off next month.

© 2008 Eva Rosenberg

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