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As the holiday season draws closer, and people are begining to make the decision of print versus e-mail cards to share their good wishes with clients and colleagues, I have a crazy suggestion.

Why not take your list of "A" and "B" clients and starting Monday, call two each day from now until Christmas, personally wishing them a joyous holiday season. You will most likely reach voice mail anyway, but even then, the warmth of your message combind with your willingness to take the time to make a call, will have a powerful impact. Think how surprised, and delighted, you would be if you received such a call.

We live in an era where technology is commonplace. People e-mail, they text, they Twitter, they blog, they write on each others' Facebook walls and LinkIn to communicate. Amidst all that, why not stand out by actually calling a valued client or referral source and let them know that they really are valued - that it is not just brochure talk or a website promise. If relationships matter as much as we say, maybe we need at act like it more often.

Try it and let us know how you do!

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