Taking Full Advantage of the Time You Are Spending at Tradeshows/CPE Conferences

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Are you looking to take your practice to the next level this Summer?  Putting together a Business Plan for your Practice is the first step. Keeping up with the latest trends in technology and automating your practice is key to attracting clients.  There are so many exciting new applications to help you that I have been discussing in prior articles on this Blog.  Applications that will help you be more efficient when processing payroll for clients, providing bookkeeping services or Controllership services or even internally within your Practice to automate business processes.  Learn about these trends and start taking steps to implementing them over the next few years.  It will enable you to not only be more profitable on your engagements, but also attract clients that want an Accountant that incorporates technology into their practice.

Take advantage of the time that you have take away from the office to get your CPE done in the next few months!  Maximize it by spending time with the Vendors and learning how it can help your practice.  The time is a sunk cost anyway having to do CPE - so why not not only use for it compliance (getting CPE done) but also taking your Practice to a standard of Excellence.  Prepare the right questions you want to ask and limit yourself to the solutions that you want to start implementing in the next year so you are not overwhelmed.  Have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish so that you have very focused presentations from the Vendors.  Rather than having them show you a sales pitch - ask them to demo specific things for you that you know you need to solve in your Practice.  Taking small steps and integrating technology into your practice over time will help you to accomplish the goals that you set out in front of you.  Make it achievable so you can look back at each milestone and be proud of what you have done. 

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