Taking Back Control of our Accounting Engagements

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Aside from the fact that I'm feeling a bit cloudy myself today due to a)the snow cloud that has taken up residence over my house, and b)a healthy dose of cold medicine that I took last night, it's reasonable to say that we should all be feeling cloudy these days, and in a good way. As Amy Vetter explains in her post on Taking Back Control of our Accounting Engagements, working with our clients in the Cloud gives us the opportunity to become so much more than the end-of-the-year accountant.

Using Cloud computing to its full potential, and I'm sure we're only scratching the surface of that concept, means you can have an ongoing and much more robust relationship with your clients and do so more efficiently than ever before. The most important thing to remember is that, if you don't engage with your clients in the Cloud, someone else will. So when you ask yourself where you expect to be in five years, if the answer is "still in business" – then it's time to start floating in the clouds.

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