Surveyed to Death

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Thankfully, the accounting profession doesn't go hog wild with a constant stream of asking clients to rate the services of the accountant, provide feedback, etc. Sure, accountants periodically survey their clients, prodding them for information and remarks relating to how the accountant can improve their level of service, address the needs of clients better, plus gather information that could potentially lead to performing additional services for the client. It's all worthwhile and necessary--but not excessive in this profession, generally speaking.

In the past week, I've received post-purchase e-mails from hotels, airlines, book stores, you name it...all asking me to "take a moment to review the product/service/experience." Good Lord, if I acted on all of these it would take a bite out of the work week. No thanks! Note to these companies: I get why you are doing this, but unless there's a problem, assume it's all fine! Look at this one from Walmart on a foam exercise roller (I got inspired from our Workplace Fitness Zone):

Enough already! Just because you CAN easily survey a customer doesn't mean you SHOULD!

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