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This week, I am working on a project for H&R Block. I will be moderating a discussion with Dr. Brad Klontz, covering the H&R Block Dollars and Sense program. This is a program designed to provide educational tools to help schools teach students about handling their finances - and it also offers scholarships to students participating in the National Challenge, a financial fitness competition. Sounds like a fun and challenging way to to get students to learn more about money - theirs and their family's.

With the financial upheavals facing many households this decade, it's really important to start getting the children in on the discussion about family finances. Parents will be pleasantly surprised at how willing children are to forgo the costly luxuries and impuse buys - if only someone were to tell them what's going on. In fact, your children may be able to help the family get over the hump, or help keep the home. If they know what's going on.

The BlogTalkRadio program we will be airing next Wednesday at 3:30 pm is targeted at parents, educators and students, to provide some guidelines on how to speak with your children about budgeting, credit cards, saving, making financial choices - and perhaps how to grow up handling finances better than their parents do today.  (I'll include links when I get them)

If you have any issues or stories you'd like to tell me about, please do.

We all know children who've been a huge help to their families, or who have even managed to generate online income surpassing their parents' earnings. We also know of horror stories of financial waste and devastation when children stubbornly insisted on pushing their parents into financial ruin.

Incidentally, although this will be aired live (call-in) during the height of tax season, you will be able to listen later - and to invite your clients and their children to listen, too.

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