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"A CPA in New York recently voiced his dissatisfaction to me concerning "staffers these days not having any attention to detail." Take that as you will. The accounting profession continues to attract some of the sharpest talent in the workforce.

In the heat of this Busy Season, you might get a kick out of these things that have been sticking in my craw (what the heck is a craw anyway?). Following the "lack of detail" theme, I estimate that I have had to waste at least one full work day this year for something that strikes at the heart of "lack of detail." On January 1 of this year, our company name of AccountingWEB, Inc. made the legal change to Sift Media US, Inc. Having three online titles now, rather than the singular AccountingWEB, it was time for this move. Anyway, you wouldn't believe how many government agencies, insurance companies, and various other reporting entities have screwed up our name. Naturally, many of these revisions – that are not my fault – require a whole new set of forms and more. "Sift" has been massacred into "Swift," "Shift," "Soft," "Shirt" and well, you know the next one. Maddening!

Also, what's up with every store out there trying to shove their loyalty card on us consumers? If I accepted one-half of these offers my wallet would explode (yes, much like the George Costanza billfold). March is done. Have a great April!

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