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By Maria Krowicki - Stop The E-Mail Madness

This morning I received my daily edition of…The HR Daily Advisor, and the top story had to do with peoples’ pet peeves regarding e-mail. I thought I would share a few, as they were right on the money.

Of course one of my favorite e-mails that I receive on a daily basis is the one where I have to forward to ten people within five minutes, including the one who sent it to me, or else something bad will happen. I have tried to find supporting documentation to back this claim since I posted my last blog, and have yet to find anything. The bad thing that will happen is the loss of focus and productivity. Delete them and move on.

When sending an e-mail, please give the recipient a chance to open it up and read it. I can probably bet that if you stop by their desk 5 minutes after you have sent it to ask if it has been read, chances are it hasn’t. This also puts the person on the spot because not only do they have to read it while you are standing there, they also have to give a snap response to something that may require a thought process. Give the person a chance. They will respond in a timely manner.

Please, please, please do not send an e-mail in texting form. If you can text shorthand on your cell, great for you!!! I’m still trying to learn from, as well as, decipher the texts my tweens send me. However, there is a time and place for it…..and it’s not on the work e-mail. “Ima goin 2 c da boss n wil call u l8r” HUH?? Sending e-mails in text shorthand really takes away the professionalism and message of your e-mail.

I’m sure there are many more pet peeves that can be added. I bet we all have an e-mail story (or two) worth sharing. We can commiserate together and know we are not alone in the world of e-mail madness.

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