State Budget Update: Revenue Shortfalls Grow = New Taxes On the Way

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Due to the economic conditions in which states are operating, states are cutting budgets and attempting to generate new revenues.

Back in July 2009, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) released its State Budget Update: July 2009. The report showed states are projecting a cumulative shortfall of $142.6 billion for FY 2010, which is likely to grow during the course of the fiscal year.

The NCSL has compiled a series of tables that document the measures, both proposed and enacted, that states are taking to close their budget gaps. The tables are based on data collected from various media and government outlets.

Note: As of September 11, 48 states have finalized their budgets with an additional 2 legislatures in the process of finalizing their budgets after the start of the new fiscal year (Michigan's fiscal year does not begin until October 1).

The Washington Times also published an ARTICLE on September 28, 2009 discussing actions states are taking in response to the financial crisis.

How are you being affected by the actions states are taking?

Have you been "hit" by new taxes?

Are new "nexus" laws causing your company to consider filing returns in states you have not filed in before?

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