State and Local Tax National Tax Office - Do You Need It?

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Information overload?  Not the right information?  Too many sources?  What is the best source?  Who is the most reliable source?  Who is right? 

Do these questions ever cross your mind when you have a state and local tax issue or problem to resolve? 

Do these questions cross your mind when you are trying to monitor state and local tax legislation related to an issue your company has?  How about trying to determine if you meet the "more likely than not" threshold for FIN 48 purposes?

What resource do you rely on?  Who is your reliable resource? 

There are the "commercial" resources such as BNA, CCH, RIA, etc.  There are also the "big" accounting and law firms who have national tax offices focused on disseminating technical developments at a increased pace.

Therefore, large companies have several resources to pull from.  But what about smaller, middle-market companies or the "non-big" accounting and law firms?  Who is tracking state and local tax developments for them?  Who is helping them with their state and local tax issues?

My passion is disseminating technical developments of the state and local tax world all across the country.  I enjoy tracking them and explaining them in an "easier" to understand fashion.  Also, helping clients put these developments into action to support their positions.

What do you think of a state and local tax national tax office service?  Would you use it?  Do you need it?

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