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It's been a long time since my last post.  Several things have happened in the meantime.  I've been out of the country on sabbatical without much access to the web.  Then I spent three weeks in upstate New York, in similar circumstances--the only way to get online was to drive into town and go to the library which was only open between 11 and 4 three days a week.  SInce I was helping my daughter with a new baby, that didn't happen much! 

What is a sabbatical about anyway?  Finding time to refresh oneself, renew the creative juices, and get beyond keeping up with the daily workload to planning something new.  A couple of results from that will be implemented at Susquehanna within the next two academic years.  More details in the next paragraph.  I also have an article accepted for publication and have nearly completed writing a teaching case on the solar energy alternatives.  I hope to have this published for other professors to use in their classrooms.  The dynamism of the current solar energy market is a great way to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different capital budgeting techniques.  Finally, I worked with the Dean and we managed to hire an accountant for our faculty during a time when many schools have hiring freezes!  A good deal accomplished in a couple of months!

This fall Susquehanna will implement a new minor in professional accounting.  It will allow extended study in the accounting area for those with a different major.  We are also preparing a proposal for changes to the major.  The plan is to  update the auditing course to reflect new exam content and finish designing an additional accounting information systems course,

Today I was asked to serve on a panel for the PICPA at a conference in Hershey on June 25.  Many people don't understand the 150 hour rule.  As a result, prospective students restrict their college search unnecessarily and prospective employers may not consider well qualified students.  There are many ways to address the 150 hour rule, and I applaud this effort by the PICPA to support a broad based conversation about how different schools can contribute.  I need to firm up travel return dates from a conference in Lyon, France earlier in June so that I can participate in this conference.  I'll keep you posted.

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