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By Edith Orenstein, FEI Financial Reporting Blog - It was with shock and sadness that I read of N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer’s alleged involvement in a scandal involving potential criminal as well as moral implications. The New York Times website broke the story yesterday, and it is front page news today, including “Spitzer Said to be Weighing Resignation” (NYT). The NYT also reported today, “Revelations Began With Routine Tax Inquiry,” which led to indications of possible money laundering, among other potential crimes that go beyond the scope of this blog. I have covered some of Spitzer's initiatives to improve the regulatory framework and some of his statements on regulatory and ethical matters in the past in this blog, and I believe the current controversy will feed the broader debate about individuals’ personal behavior and its reflection on their ideas and work on behalf of the public good. Read more here.

Posted by: Edith Orenstein, FEI Financial Reporting Blog, March 11, 2008, 1:38 p.m.

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