Social Technology: The Next Frontier

May 3rd 2012
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Social Technology: The Next Frontier

The cover story to this month's issue of Financial Executive magazine is a must read for the social media illuminati: "Social Technology: The Next Frontier."

Written by Scott Klososky, founder and chairman of the board of Alkami Technology, and the author of three books on including Enterprise Social Technology, the article explores the explosion in use of social technologies such as twitter, facebook and linked in, and the potential implications for business.

FEI has also been making increasing use of social technology, including this blog (the FEI Financial Reporting Blog), our new sister blog authored by Tom Thompson of the Financial Executives Research Foundation, the FERF Research Blog, as well as our twitter accounts @feiblog and @feinews. We also have an FEI LinkedIn group. And be sure to check out FEI TV, FEI TV on Demand on youtube, and the FEI blog on youtube. If you aren't currently a subscriber to the FEI blog and would like to receive email updates of our posts, send an email at [email protected] to sign up.

Read the article, "Social Technology, The Next Frontier," here.

Other articles in this month's edition of Financial Executive magazine

Here's a rundown of the many useful articles also appearing in this month's edition of Financial Executive magazine:

Should Inflation Be a Worry?
The economy is in the midst of a modest recovery, but high oil prices and monetary policy are threatening to undo recent gains. What’s a business to do?
By Paul Sweeney
Derivatives Regulatory Concerns of End Users
With Dodd-Frank rulemaking ongoing, treasurers are gaining clarity on its impact on how they manage risk. Five top implementation concerns remain.
By Pam Brown
Innovation 3.0: Sparking an American Renaissance
Unleashing the core strength of U.S. companies — their innovative edge — should be among the highest priorities of financial executives.
By Scott D. Anthony
The Real Benefits of Continuous Monitoring
As a new foundation technology, CM is built to go beyond current approaches to improve operations and profits and increase cash flows.
By Michael P. Cangemi
Every Company is a Potential Cyberrisk Victim
Security breaches are so inevitable that every company’s strategic planning must include a coordinated defense against future attacks.
By Glenn Alan Cheney
The Rise of Global Tax Management Platforms
New tax technologies are enabling process improvements over the full tax lifecycle, putting it on par with the finance function.
By Bob Norton
Lessons Learned in Valuing Contingent Consideration
The formula protects buyers against downside risk, permits sellers to share in upside potential — and lets both sides meet in the middle.
By Lynne Weber and Gary Raichart
Challenges of a Mobile Workforce
Today’s mobile executives pressure companies to manage potential financial exposure and risk and meet compliance demands.
By Richie Zook and Eileen Mullaney
A More Enlightened Approach to Cost Control
Sustaining working capital in good times and bad requires prioritizing and synchronizing cost management with the business plan … strategically.
By David Douglass
Integrating T&E into the Finance Function
End-to-end expense management programs combined with best practices offer CFOs better data and a more comprehensive view of the company’s T&E spend.
By Jay Cary
From the President
From the Editor
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  • JOBS Act Aims To Help Raise Capital
  • Low-Cost Cities for Business
  • Tax Executives Sour on Prospects for 2012 Tax Reform
  • Bookshelf: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, by author Charles Duhigg
Financial Reporting
All Leases Aren’t Created Equal
By John Hepp and Mark Scoles
The Office
Visit Orlando and COO/CFO Larry Henrichs, Central Florida Chapter
Washington Beat
Private Companies Treading on an Increasingly Challenging Terrain
By Tyler Roberts
Private Companies
Maximizing Labor Productivity
By Greg Crabtree
Quick Study
Facing IRS Scrutiny? Here are 10 Strategic Moves
By Chuck Hodges and Susan Hu
Fed’s Prudential Rule Changes Launch New Era in Financial Regulation
By Deborah Bailey
Tech Strategy
The FTC’s Consumer Privacy Framework and Next Steps
By Melissa J. Krasnow
Members Speak Out
The U.S. Government Should Have a CFO
By Michael M. McCluer
FEI News
Balance Sheet
Mark Vendetti, Columbus, Ohio Chapter

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