Social Networking and the Millennial Generation

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The words "internet" and "millennial' might as well be synonymous.  This generation has grown up in the digital world and certainly isn't afraid to use everything it has to offer.    In turn, this world influences everything the Millennials do in terms of work, family and school.  They expect freedom and the freedom to make choices.  They like to collaborate and converse, not be lectured.  They like to have fun both in and out of the workplace. And.....they can be a challenge to manage.

Why is the internet so important to this group?  They use the internet to catch up on the news, to do their jobs, and yes, connect with friends.  It's their virtual coffee break, no different than anyone taking a 10 minute smoke break, or a chat by the water cooler.  A little bit of a break equals recharged batteries to this group.

There are employers who ban access to the internet.  "No reason for anyone to be on" they say.  Is this the answer?  Perhaps employers should deal with offenders on a one to one basis, as they would with excessive chatting or personal calls.  This would not be an IT issue, but a managerial issue.  Let them run amok?  Certainly not.   Change the way in which we deal with this group?  Absolutely.  Placing a policy in the handbook regarding internet usage sets parameters and expectations.

Social networking is in the house and in full effect!  As the new generation floods the marketplace, employers need to embrace their differences, as these are our future leaders. 

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