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By Sally Glick - Hi everyone - I am sure that everyone agrees that for all firms - large and small - networking is one of the most effective tools for marketing and business development. BWhen you build meaningful relationships these will ultmately turn into a lead, or may turn into a referral source for future leads. No one questions the validity and value of a network of targeted relationships of people you can help and who can help you in return.

That being said, networking has been evolving recently from face-to-face events to the technology-driven "social networking" that is taking place on the Internet through sources like LinkedIn.

For smaller firms especially, I wonder how many of you are taking advantage of alternative networking options that enable you to meet people and build relationships without leaving your office.

Let me know what is working for you, if you are using the information in any unique way, and also what is your favorite web-enabled social networking site!

Thaks for your feedback.

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