Smells Like Team Spirit

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Yesterday was opening day of Major League Baseball. Spring is finally in the air…flowers are blooming…days are longer…tax season is dwindling down.

Working together as a team, whether on the field or in the office, certainly helps get the job done. Having team spirit is one of the essential elements of success and performance. But what good is it without the emotional commitment of the people?

Team spirit is the feeling of working together as one to achieve a common goal. It helps get the business on the road to growth, pride and eventually, success. When the team is emotionally connected, everyone feels they are making a difference and it shines through.

This feeling trickles down to the culture within the firm. The firm promotes this type of culture and everyone wins. Gen Y’ers coming into the work force embrace the idea of teams and team spirit. Y’ers have always been a part of a team. This is “home” to them.

There are ways to build up team spirit that don’t have to bear a huge expense. One thing our firm did yesterday was celebrate MLB opening day. We wore jeans and jerseys of our favorite baseball teams. In the lobby, our Events Committee hung up banners, and we had a hot dog cart brought in for all to enjoy, including our clients.

Everyone had a great time. It brought the team together for some camaraderie, relieved the stress of the day, and more importantly reaffirmed the vision of the firm.

It’s always the little things that count, and people appreciate it.


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