Show Your Clients How to e-file Their Extensions

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You know you'll get the calls. They probably will occur early this year because many people don't quite know which day is the actual tax filing deadline (could we please go back to the old rules?). The calls will start late in the afternoon on Friday, a few may trickle in through the weekend, and then there will be more on Monday and Tuesday.

Current or former tax clients who never got around to getting their receipts (or themselves) together in time for you to prepare their tax return will call, asking if it's too late to (a) have you prepare their return in time for the deadline (remember that you have a life and answer "Yes"), or (b) if it's still possible to file an extension. Some of you will take care of the extension yourselves. But others have closed the books on this tax season, proud for getting your work done on time, you're still scrambling to prepare your own tax return or help a family member with their tax issues. For those of you who don't want to deal with those last minute extensions, send a link to Need an Extension to File Your Taxes? e-file! and you can wipe your hands of the matter.


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